Engtian TH01 ROMANCE

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Top Speed

45 km/h





Max Load




Hill Climb

35 Degrees



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The Engtian TH01 “Romance” is a fully electric retro scooter. It’s a combination of a classic look with modern, advanced technology to meet the current times, in which economics and ecology are important aspects of our lives. It is an emission-free vehicle, environmentally friendly and very economical, because it does not require refueling and charging is quick and costs only a fraction of the cost of fuel. The Alza Romance is equipped with a 2000W brushless motor and a very efficient 72V20Ah battery. This configuration allows for dynamic movement in city traffic and achieving a good range on one battery. Depending on the road conditions, driving style and weight of the user, we can get a range of up to 40 km. Our electric scooter has a dual battery system, which means that we can connect two batteries, which will increase our range to 80 km, thus the scooter is no longer just an urban vehicle but allows for longer trips outside the city. Low weight, precise steering, effective rear and front disc brakes makes driving on narrow streets a pleasure even for novice users. All these features make our scooter ideal for everyday movement and enjoyment of the ride itself. If You need a trouble-free, comfortable means of transport to work, school or a meeting and would like to add some style to Your own life while taking care of Your own budget, The Engtian Romance may be perfect for you. We are all aware of the importance of taking care of the environment, clean air and economy in our lives. By choosing this electric scooter, we become not only the owner of the vehicle, but also someone actively involved in improving the environment in which we live. Alza Italia is the importer. The Engtian Th01 “Romance” was made in China. Alza Italia guarantees after-sales service and provides a guarantee on the purchased vehicle. If You want to learn more about vehicles and electric motors, principles of operation and usage, check out the FAQ section. There You will find all the useful information.


    • Motor 2000w
    • Tire 3.0-10
    • Brake Front Disc / Rear Disc
    • Max Speed 45 km/h
    • Range 40km(one battery)
    • 80km(two batteries)
    • Charging Time 8H
    • Climbing Angle 35%
    • Max Loading 200kg
    • Net Weight 80kg
    • Wheel Alloy Rim
    • Battery Lithium 72V40Ah (2x72V20Ah)
    • LED Headlight, LCD meter, Remote key, Alarm, USB
    • Warranty – For 2 years or 30,000 km from the date of purchase (Whichever is earlier first)


Color: Black, Blue, Shadow Green, Silver, White, Yellow, Red.
Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 90 cm

Black, Blue, Red, White, ShadowGreen, Yellow


Plastic and steel






Front Disc / Rear Disc

Max Speed

45 km/h


40km(one battery) 80km(two batteries)

Charging Time


Climbing Angle


Max Loading



Wheel Alloy Rim


Lithium 72V40Ah (2x72V20Ah)


LED Headlight, LCD meter, Remote key, Alarm, USB


For 2 years or 30,000 km from the date of purchase (Whichever is earlier first)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an electric bike expensive?

A standard electric bike costs between 800-2000 euros. If we look at the benefits of having such a means of transport, the price does not seem high. Considering the lack of fuel costs needed to power cars, it may turn out that the purchase of an electric bike will pay off after one year of use. The time may be relatively shorter or longer depending on the kilometers traveled. Bike service is very cheap and parts are readily available. There is no cost of insurance and periodic technical examinations.

Is riding an ebike safe?

We can use Ebike to move along bicycle paths just like a conventional bicycle, so contact with cars

is reduced to a minimum. Support speed up to 25 km / h prevents acceleration to higher speeds. We

do not create a threat to other people in this way

Who is Ebike for?

The electric bike will undoubtedly be appreciated by every user. People who like sports will like the

possibility of reaching places that are so far very difficult to reach. Climbing up high hills or driving

in the mountains becomes incomparably easier.

For people who need to get to work economically. The ebike does not need fuel and moving along

bicycle paths you can easily avoid city traffic jams. Commuting to work or a meeting by electric

bike does not require much effort, so we do not have to shower or change into fresh clothes.

The ebike is perfect for elderly people who need exercise and contact with nature. Riding such a

bike limits physical effort, which makes it very comfortable. Commuting to the park, meeting

friends or bringing purchases from the store is now much easier and more enjoyable.

For those who value care for the environment and are aware of the dangers of excessive exhaust gas

production. Ebike is one of the most ecological and economical means of transport.

How is an ebike different from a regular bike?

At first glance, an electric bicycle is no different from a traditional bicycle. It has a frame, handlebars, two wheels and a saddle. On closer inspection we can see the battery (if it is not hidden in the frame), the motor in the wheel or mounted between the pedals, and the function display on the handlebars. The main controller is usually hidden in the frame. Special wiring is also required to allow energy to flow between the above components. The electric bike is correspondingly heavier due to the electronics used, which is about 9 kg of additional weight. Many people confuse the

ebike with something like a smaller scooter. Nothing could be more wrong. Ebike is not a scooter. Pedaling is necessary to propel the bike, and the electric motor only supports us

Can an ebike be used on bicycle paths? What is Pedelec?

European law on electric bicycles. The European Union has specific regulations regarding electric bicycles. Under the law an electric bicycle is one that meets the following limitations:


Maximum motor power up to 250W

Voltage up to 48V

Limitation of electric assistance to 25Km / h

Ebike’s width up to 0.9 m

Accelerator on the handbars is not allowed. The electric engine can be started only by using the pedals.

An ebike that meets the above restrictions will be treated like a regular bike. We will be able to move on public roads and bicycle paths. We call such an ebike a pedelec for which we do not need additional insurance or registration.

Can you improve fitness on an e-bike?

We use conventional bikes and ebikes for recreational and communication purposes. For many of

us, it is the basic equipment for building physical fitness and condition. Scientists have proven that

riding an ebike gives better results than a conventional bicycle. Thanks to electric support, we do

not put stress on the muscles, which prompts us to pedal more intensively. We do not have to use a

lot of energy, because the engine supports us up to 25 km / h. After exceeding this speed, we can

only rely on the strength of our muscles. Riding an e-bike encourages more frequent physical activity. This combination is very good for

improving our condition.

How much does an ebike weigh?

It is clear that an electric bicycle weighs more than a conventional bicycle. The weight depends on the components used: motor, battery, controller, wiring. Sometimes it is also required to strengthen the frame to make it more stable and safer. The average weight is between 23-27 kg. While riding, this weight is not felt, on the contrary, the bike seems lighter, more agile and more pleasant to handle.

How does an ebike work?

As we already know the main components of an electric bike are: electric motor, battery, display and controller. There are usually 4 operating modes to choose from on the function display. Depending on which mode we choose for this speed the electric motor will support us, where 4 means the maximum speed of 25 km/h.

When we choose the driving mode and start pedaling the electric motor turns on which gives us a very positive impression of driving lightness. The more effort we put into pedaling the more power the electric motor will transmit. Everything is quiet and smooth as the system is devoid of complicated mechanics. After exceeding the speed of 25 km/h, the electric motor stops supporting us. The entire system is powered by a modern long-life Lithium Ion battery. Everything is managed by the main controller, monitoring the work of the components.

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