Why is it so important to keep the drive clean? It is a very simple question. A dirty or rusty chain will not go over the gears well and will wear them faster. A very neglected and rusty chain with a higher load while driving may break leading to an accident and serious injury.

The bicycle chain should be cleaned regularly, of course depending on the intensity of riding and the conditions in which we are riding. It is assumed that it is about 50-100 kilometers traveled, and if we drive on very demanding and muddy terrain it may be necessary to clean after each ride. So let’s pay attention to the condition of our drive.

For the initial cleaning of the chain we use cloths with chain cleaning fluid or extraction gasoline, and if we do not have this type of fluids the cloth itself can be used. We clean thoroughly on both sides remembering about the places between the links. To clean the chain inside, we can use a coarse bristle brush, an old toothbrush or a string / shoelace.

After the drive has been thoroughly cleaned, it should be lubricated. We use a special lubricant for bicycle chains, which reduces friction and protects the drive accordingly. Remember not to use thick greases for general use because they are easily covered with dirt and cause high friction.

Apply a small amount of grease only to the chain on both sides so that it is properly distributed. Then rotate the pedals to spread the lubricant over the chain and sprockets. It is important not to put it directly on the sprockets. It is important not to put it directly on the sprockets. Too much grease on the chain and the sprockets can cause the grease to dissipate on the rims and enter the brake system. It is easy to imagine what happens when the brakes have no friction. The bike does not brake and we can count on luck that we will not hit


The final step is to wipe the chain with a clean cloth to get rid of excess grease.

To recall the benefits of an efficient, clean and well-lubricated drive:

Guarantee of safe and trouble-free driving

Smooth drive action and precise shifting

Long drive life. Lubricant costs around € 3 so servicing is very cheap.

We recommend regular cleaning and lubrication of the drives. It is a very simple and cheap way of trouble-free and pleasant driving. The costs of maintaining a drive in good condition are negligible compared to the cost of repairing a damaged drive, which can even reach several hundred euros.

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