The number of electric bikes in Europe is increasing day by day. We are more aware of how

ecological lifestyle is important to the environment and our health. We are starting to take care of

air quality. Internal combustion vehicles emit substances that are very harmful to our health:

Carbon monoxide CO

HC hydrocarbons

Nitric oxide

Sulfur oxide





Creating a cloud of carbon monoxide that we breathe. There are also substances that negatively affect the environment:

Carbon dioxide CO2

Methane CH4

NH3 ammonia

Nitrous oxide N2O

What contributes to the formation of greenhouse phenomena and climate change. To increase the quality of our air and reduce the impact of exhaust gases on the climate, each of us should think about what we could give to make our life better. The first thing that comes to mind is the replacement of cars with other means of transport, they should be replaced with electric bikes. The e-bike produces no exhaust fumes and produces 13 times less carbon dioxide than the average car.