The Free City of Bremen is the capital of the federal state of Bremen situated in northern Germany on the river Weser. It is part of a large industrial center with one of the largest German seaports, Bremen and Bremerhaven. We can see shipyards, ironworks and oil refineries here. Due to the fact that it is an industrial region, few people realize that Bremen has one of the most developed cycling infrastructures in Germany.

The first bicycle track in Bremen was build In 1897. It was 2,5m wide in the center of the road. It was the first bicycle track ever made in Germany and were financed by cyclists. The idea was to make cycling as comfortable as possible so that cyclists do not have to ride on bumpy roads. Over the years efforts to promote bicycles and bicycle infrastructure have meant that today about 25% of journeys are made by bicycle. There are approximately 700km paths and more investments on the way. Bremen is called a green city, it has large green areas, parks and the practically flat terrain without hills makes it ideal for long bicycle trips.

Outside of Bremen, we have an unlimited number of bike paths leading through charming smaller towns, connecting them with larger cities. Here we have a Weites Land Cycle Route with a length of 140 km, which leads through forests, farms, paved roads, town centers. The Bremen-Hamburg route is approximately 150 km along the old trade route, along the Elbe and Weser rivers. We can also choose a more demanding journey from Bremen to Roskilde in Denmark, we will travel about 500 km so I will not go without an overnight stay. Everyone will find something for themselves and bike rides can last for weeks. Of course, there are 24-hour rentals for tourists in the city.

If we decide to stay in the city of Bremen, there are many monuments and interesting historical places waiting for us here so to facilitate sightseeing a bicycle may turn out to be irreplaceable.

Here are some places worth visiting:

The Old Town Square of Bremen from 1404.

Gothic town hall from the 15th century.

Town houses from the 16th century.

Schnoor fishing district

Bremen is an ideal destination for cyclists. For those who like to go sightseeing and for those who like to travel a lot. You can focus on the city but if it is not enough leaving Bremen there are unlimited cycling routes leading through beautiful landscapes.

View on the Market square with city hall and Saint Peter cathedral during the morning light in Bremen city, Germany